About us

At Jukkasjärvi Wilderness Tours, we have been offering unique experiences since 2000 that you won't find anywhere else.

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarksturer

Since 2000, we at Jukkasjärvi Wilderness Tours have been offering unique experiences that you won't find anywhere else. From long overnight dog sledding tours under the northern lights to shorter survival courses, we have something to suit everyone.

On our tours you will have a guide who knows everything and a little more about the beautiful nature and history of Lapland. This makes our tours more than just a great experience, but also an educational journey.

Our dogs

The dogs we use are exclusively purebred Siberian huskies. This pedigree is one of the oldest in the world and originates from north-eastern Siberia where it was bred by Chechen nomads. They first used the dogs for hunting, but as the wildlife in the area became less and less abundant, the nomads were forced to hunt over much larger areas. As a result, the dogs became draught animals. This happened about 4000 years ago. Today, the Siberian husky is characterised by its light, quick and elegant stride. Their well-proportioned build speaks of strength, speed and endurance. Huskies are sociable, playful, energetic, robust pack dogs with a strong hierarchical instinct.