JVT offers unique sled dog tours, where you can choose from a variety of packages ranging from 3 hours up to weeklong tours of 7 or 14 days. We also offer courses in the unspoiled wilderness such as survival training and security training for private parties as well as companies.

During the summer, we arrange various tours through the breathtaking mountain landscape, where you can choose to hike, ride comfortably on Icelandic horses, try your hand at rafting, and naturally participate in fishing tours. All of our guides have been with the company practically from the beginning, offering maximum experience and knowledge on all tours.


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The dogs which Jukkasjärvi VildmarksTurer uses are exclusively pure bred Siberian huskies. This pedigree is one of the world’s oldest and originates from north eastern Siberia where it was bred by the Chukchi nomads. These nomadic peoples first used the dogs for hunting, however, as game began to become scarce the nomads had to extend the length of their hunting trips and this resulted in the Chukchi dogs becoming draught animals. This occurred some 4000 years ago. Today the Siberian husky is characterised by its light, rapid and elegant stride. An evenly proportioned build speaks of strength, speed and endurance. Huskies are sociable yet independent, pack dogs with a strong, hierarchical sense, playful, robust and energetic.

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