Travel by either dogsleds or snowmobiles to the wilderness camp. Upon arriving, your guide will instruct you on how to build your very own igloo to sleep in.
You will be served a hot lunch in the warm camp, and then continue with your igloo, which takes about 4-5 hours (2 person igloo). When your igloo is complete, we’ll start with dinner and later move on to relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits. Then it’s time to make yourself comfortable in your igloo, where the temperature remains around a comfortable minus 3-5 degrees centigrade, even if the temperatures drop much lower outside. The sleeping bags you will be using keep you warm down to 30 degrees below zero, so you will keep cosy and warm all night.

xx:00-xx:00 Price: 3600:- SEK per adult | 1800:- SEK per child
Includes: transfers, sleeping bags, winter clothing, sauna, lunch, dinner & breakfast the next morning


With the help of your expert guides, you will be making your own snowshoes using materials taken from the local forests. When everyone is ready, we will take a tour to test your snowshoe handiwork. During our tour in the forest, we will stop and be served a warm lunch or coffee and sandwiches. You will have the possibility to see both reindeer and elk, and always see the tracks and evidence of other wild animals.

Coffee/sandwich Tour including transfers & clothing
xx:00-xx:00 Price: 995:- SEK per adult | 450:- SEK per child
Upgrade to warm food: +995:- SEK per adult | +450:- SEK per child


We will be skiing out into the wilderness, where we will follow a trap line and your guide will talk about and teach you some of the different ways to survive in the wilderness. This will be a shorter introduction on how to make snares to catch game, and you will see the tracks of a plentiful and varied wildlife. If we are lucky we will see reindeer and elk. Your guide will serve you coffee/tea and sandwiches.

Coffee/sandwich Tour including transfers & clothing
xx:00-xx:00 Price: 950:- SEK per adult | 475:- SEK per child


Join us on a Sami Adventure for a few hours, or a couple of days.
You have the opportunity to drive a reindeer-drawn sled on your own, and help to feed of the reindeer in the area.
You will dine on typical Sami cuisine and bread, and before days’ end, you will have learned a great deal about the life of the Sami and their culture.
A variety of Sami products and handcrafts are available for purchase on the premises.
The price for a Sami Adventure depends on the length of program you choose. Please contact us for details.